The band WOLFEN was founded in the mid-eighties.


After some changes of the bands lineup, WOLFEN became one of the hottest liveacts in the southern bavarian area.  Due to personal and musical differences the band split up in 1996.


In the summer of 2009 the former WOLFEN members Christian Freimoser (Vocals), Wolfi Forstner (Guitars) and Thomas Rackl (Bass) , decided to restart the band under the name WOLFEN RELOADED PROJECT .

With Richi Friesinger ,they soon found a skilled drummer to complete the bands lineup in a perfect way. The project transformed to a real rockband, alive and kickin` again !

After five years of extensive gigging and the production of the immidiately sold out EP "Open your eyes", Richi decided to leave the band . Fortunately a perfect substitute could be found soon .Manuel Wimmer didn`t only fill the gap, his skillfull playing and his outstanding musicality became immidiately an important part of sound and performance of the band.


WOLFEN RELOADED stands for modern, slightly progressive rock.

The bands roots are clearly rock and hardrock of the 80s and 90s. Bands like Queensryche, King`s X, Dokken or Van Halen always have been a great influence to the sound of WOLFEN RELOADED. One of the major goals of WR is to take the sound of those bands to the 21.century by putting it in a more modern context.  


Since the reunion, WOLFEN RELOADED played at numerous events and festivals. Amongst others at  Rockhouse Salzburg, Munich Backstage (Club and Hall), at Chiemsee Summer Festival 2014, the famous club "Garage De Luxe" at Munich and at the "Friends of Metal Festival" together with well known acts like Axxis, Pink Cream 69 und Bonfire.

The biggest highlight of 2015 was the tour support for THE BREW (UK) in October and for OPERATION:Mindcrime, the new Band of former Queenryche singer Geoff Tate, in November and December. 

Beeing on tour with musicians who played in bands like Queensryche, AC/DC, Dio and Disturbed not only was a great experience it was an outstanding honour to perform alongside some of our heroes.

Besides some further support gigs for BONFIRE and THUNDER, the main focus is now on the new album which will come out spring 2018.